In order to further strengthen the communication and exchange of Chinese and European scholars the Universities of Vienna (Austria) and Oslo (Norway) as well as the Zhōngyāng Mínzú Dàxué (Central Mínzú University) of China conducted a “Symposium on globalization and ethnic issues concerning European minorities” from the 10th till the 16th of July 2013. It was held in the Department of Sinology at the East Asian Institute of Vienna. The Symposium had been convened and presided by the Vice-President of the University of Vienna, Professor Weigelin-Schwiedrzik.
Together with Mag. Hongwei Duan, I not only co-organised this event, but also accompanied the visiting Chinese Scholars afterwards on a journey through Hungary. The latter had several stations that were intertwined with the local culture and respectively the inhabitant ethnic minorities of Hungary. Though the preperations for the Symposium were often exhausting, the following discussions and interesting viewpoints, as well as this journey definitely made them worthwhile.

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