On 3rd and 4th of August this year, I was invited to the 2nd conference held by the Regional Group on China of the German Anthropological association. The networks theme for the first year is focused on “how area studies shape regional anthropologies and their position within anthropology at large” with regards to China. Guest lectures were being held on “anthropologists’ relations with different area studies produced multiple – partly overlapping, partly competing – versions of China.” The talks and presentation evolved around an upcoming bookproject for the first year. The full report on the conference, its themes, the bookproject an lectures you’ll find on the homepage of our network, courtesy of Christof Lammer, one of the main organizers. I’d like to also direct my thanks to Marco Lazzarotti and Jean-Baptiste Pettier for hosting, organizing and communicating this event, which also served me as an opportunity to get to know new and interesteing people involved with the field of “Anthropology and China(s)”


A group photo of network-members and participants of the conference in Heidelberg

Further information and schedules retrieved from the homepage of Regionalgruppe China(s), DGSKA are as follows:

DFG Scientific Network Anthropology and China(s):
+ initiated by the DGSKA Regionalgruppe China
+ organized by Christof Lammer, Marco Lazzarotti, and Jean-Baptiste Pettier
+ based at the University of Cologne, at the chair for the anthropology of globalization, Prof. Susanne Brandtstädter

2nd Network Conference „Anthropology and the Study of China(s): Area Studies and Regional Anthropologies„:
+ hosted by Prof. Guido Sprenger, Institute of Anthropology, Heidelberg University
+ organized by Marco Lazzarotti, supported by Damianus Pawlak and Luc Weihermueller, Institute of Ethnology, Heidelberg University

1st Network Conference: Cologne, November 2021. (report)
2nd Network Conference: Heidelberg, August 2022. (preview | report )
3rd Network Conference: Zurich, December 2022.
4th Network Conference: Cologne, summer 2023.
5th Network Conference: tba, autumn/winter 2023.
6th Network Conference: Berlin, summer 2024.

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