2021-2023 OeAD-Lecturer for German Language, Culture, History at the German Department, School of Foreign Languages, Peking University, China.
2021 Jul. Guest-Lecture: Poetry Slam and Creative Writing in the context of German as a Foreign Language. Sommerkolleg – Poletna šola – Corsi universitari estivi – Ljetna škola BOVEC 2021 in Cooperation with University of Klagenfurt.
2020 Jan. Guest-Lecture: International mega-events as drivers of urban development. Critical approaches from the perspective of a cultural political economy, Department of Political Sciences, University of Vienna.
2018-2019. “Forms and Formats of Transmission: Creating, Mediating and Financing Culture: (2018W)”. Lecture at the Institute of European Ethnology, University of Vienna.
2018-2019. “Mediating, creating, financing culture (2018W)”. Seminar at the Institute of Theater, Film and Media studies, University of Vienna.
2017. “Language and History of German Speaking Countries (2017S)” Teaching Fellow at the German Faculty, FUDAN University, Shanghai, China.

Lecture Series – Peking Universität WS2022

Private Sector

2018-2019. German Teacher at the Deutschzentrum für Chinesen e.U. (>500h of teaching – A1-B2)
2017-2018. German Trainer at the MHC Business Language Learning GmbH. (teaching 11 courses for Businesses)

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