Doctoral Thesis


Ethnographic and Discoursive Takes on World EXPO

Prof. Dr. H.Mückler (University of Vienna)
Prof. Dr. N.Bilik (Fudan University, Shanghai)


2020 Jan. Guest-Lecture: International mega-events as drivers of urban development. Critical approaches from the perspective of a cultural political economy, Department of Political Sciences, University of Vienna.
2018 Sept. Paper-Presentation: The World in a Nutshell – Universal expositions and their Ethnographic Heritage, Vienna Anthropology Days, University of Vienna.
2017 Sept. Paper-Presentation: Interdisciplinary Workshop on Chinese Urbanities – Relations between Space and Society, Graduate School of East Asian Studies, Free University of Berlin.
2017 July Paper-Presentation: China and Chinas – the many Faces of the Nation State, Annual Meeting of the DGV China Working Group, Global South Studies Center, University of Cologne.
2016 July Participation: Annual Meeting of the DGV China Working Group, Ethnological Museum, Zurich.


2016 – 2017. Fieldwork on Urban and Cultural Legacy of WORLD EXPO 2010, Shanghai, China
2016 Oct.
Fieldwork on Work-Migration and Elderly Healthcare Babaozhen, Yunnan, China
2015 Jul. – 2015 Sep. Fieldwork at EXPO 2015, Discoursive and Narrative Strategies of Participants to EXPO, Milan, Italy
2013 Oct. Fieldwork on Contemporary Art and Gentrification in Chongqing, China
2012 Jul. Fieldwork on Gamelan and tourism, Bali, Indonesia.

Research Focus

. China Anthropology
. Ethnomusicology
. Urban Anthropology
. World’s Fair’s (EXPOs)
. Historiography
. Epistemology

Regional Focus

. People’s Republic of China
. South-East Asia
. Europe
. Austria (domestic)


. Hermeneutics
. Discourse Theory
. Post-Colonial Theories
. Theories of (Cultural) Memory
. Theories of International Relations


. Ethnography
. Content Analysis
. Discourse Analysis
. Multi Sited Ethnography
. Extended Case Method

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