Since my arrival in Milan now dates back almost two weeks, I’ve already seen a fair share of the pavilions at this years EXPO. Thereby I’ve made notes, photos and of course videos, of which I’d like to share the best with you, in this section of this blog. It will be updated accordingly, if I find new exhibits worth to share.


The Italian Pavilion looking onto Italy

The Italian Pavilion offers a stunning experience of up to one hour, featuring not only its culture, people, food, but also the idea behind EXPO 2015 with the Carta di Milano and its beautiful landscape. The last of which can be seen in the above video-clip.

Japan’s exhibits it (food)-culture, through its latest technologies

The Japanese Pavilion seems one of the most thought-through exhibitions I’ve been to the last few week.
Though it also features certain curiosities (see here), it’s excels at promoting the nations food culture through state of the art video technology. The video above shows the “rhapsodic depiction of Japan’s farm village scenery […] using the latest projection mapping technology” (“The Asahi Shimbun Globe” Ad supplement 2015).

The virtual food market – #speculation

This amazing video wall can be found right at the entrance of this years exhibition within the Pavilion Zero of the UN. It visualizes how the contemporary global food market works, how prices are established and communicated, also by means of commercials. The role and influence of the stock market shows how even agricultural raw materials are speculated on, an abstract practice that has arguably the most devastating effects on the poorest societies of this planet. (cf. Pavilion Zero 2015)

The Seedboard

The German Pavilion, termed “Fields of Ideas” can be explored not only in two ways (on the exterior, on the interior) but also by using an interactive tablet, named “SeedBoard”, which helps to navigate through the exhibits and explore additional media information. (cf. German Pavilion 2015)

Hunger and Obesity

The Republic of Korea amazes with its technological and likewise artistic exhibits. I chose to feature just these two, as  the pavilion thematically promotes first and foremost the Korean cuisine, while just slightly touching more sensitive issues (world hunger and obesity), within the indicated exhibits.

Concepts of ordinary Life

The Vanke pavilion showcases several videos of different Chinese. The Chinese giant and leader in real estate – in his own words – “aims to offer the world a showpiece of contemporary life in China, from the perspective of ordinary people, through the experience and spirit of the Shitang” (see Link).

Azerbaijan National Day

Besides the visual aspects of many exhibitions the EXPO also offers a huge variety of traditional and contemporary music, often linked to a specific nation. In this case I stumbled upon a group of Azerbaijan musicians in front of the country’s pavilion on its national day.

The Tree of Life

This last video features the tree of life, the biggest sight and also the trademark of this years EXPO.

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