A short while ago in September 2017 i was invited to participate at the Graduate School of East Asian Studies, an interdisciplinary workshop on behalf of the Chinese Urban Transformation hosted at the Free University of Berlin. In my panel “From social to physical construction of urbanities” we illustrated Space-making, Materiality and Thermal Comfort in Ürümqi (Madlen Kobi), Institutional Innovation in Guangzhou and Shenzhen (Xiaohong Tan) and Urban Ethnography and the local legacy of World EXPO 2010 in Shanghai (me). Eventhough interdisciplinary there has been a great emphasis on ethnographies and qualitative methods, as showcased by Martin Minost, who engaged in a project also within the Shanghai periphery. All in all there was much to learn and retrieve from the panels as well as the Feedback, which is why I’d like to thank and congratulate the organizers.

2017 Sept. Paper-Presentation: Interdisciplinary Workshop on Chinese Urbanities – Relations between Space and Society, Graduate School of East Asian Studies, Free University of Berlin.



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